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St. Simons Island Fishing

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St. Simons Island Fishing

Explore Fishing Charters, Deep-Sea Fishing, Fishing Tours and Saltwater Fishing in Coastal Georgia and the Golden Isles

The Golden Isles of Georgia offers a vast coastal ecosystem of salt marshes, tidal creeks, winding rivers, sounds and the Atlantic Ocean is unspoiled, healthy, and brimming with fish of all types.

The vast expanse of the ocean is an irresistible lure for those who seek the excitement and challenge of deep sea and offshore angling. Minutes by boat and up to 45 miles from the coast of the Golden Isles are bars, buoys, natural and man-made reefs and holes. Trolling with live bait can mean strikes by king mackerel, Spanish mackerel, cobia, grouper, snapper, amberjack and others, especially from May to September. And within a few miles from shore, shark and tarpon can usually be hooked with the best times for these sport fish being mid-summer through September. In addition to a fishing license requirement, for saltwater fishing in our area, there are some limits to the number of fish that may be caught per day. Hooking up with one of this area's many expert charter captains who know these waters so well will add to the fun and success of your outing. Most charters include all the gear, bait and tackle you'll need.

St. Simons Island Pier
For those looking to cast a line or toss a crab trap themselves, the St. Simons Island Pier located on the waterfront of the Pier Village is buzzing day and night with activity and curious onlookers. The Pier is the heartbeat of the village are and pretty much the entire island at large, and here you'll find the perfect spot for people watching or trying your luck at catching something from the bounty of the Atlantic. Please note that dogs or any animals are NOT allowed on the Pier at any time.

Georgia Sport Fishing Charters St Simons Island, GA Georgia Sport Fishing Charters
St. Simons Island, GA 31522

Georgia Sport Fishing Charters is a 5-Star rated fishing charter and guide service in operation for over 25 years locally and recognized nationwide. We offer action packed rod-bending, super fun fishing trips with friendly local fishing guides from St. Simons Island and Jekyll Island.

Our guides provide families and visitors the chance to catch the largest saltwater fish that inhabit the coastal Georgia waters while enjoying a friendly, low pressure and relaxing atmosphere. Locating and catching the largest saltwater game-fish available here is our specialty, and most all ages and skill levels are welcome on our boats. Bring the family, kids or friends to join the fun! We offer 4-hour, 6-Hour and or 8 hour fishing trips from March-November.

Catching big fish.. It's simply what we do! The Georgia Sport Fishing guides keep you "on the bite and in the action!" Experience superior saltwater fishing for monster size fish such as huge Bull Redfish, massive size Tarpon, monster size Jacks, record size Black Tip and Spinner Sharks, Triple Tail, Cobia and more.

We've got you covered! We provide all state and federal fishing licenses, all fishing tackle, bait and ice. All you need to bring is your snacks and drinks for the day. You will literally get on the boat and go fishing. Note: Our charter boats are some of the largest in this area and are equipped with USCG safety gear and USCG safety inspected and operated by licensed local captains. Fish with us once and you've found a lifetime guide service and new friends at the end of your day with us.

Fishing on St. Simons Island

St. Simons Island, located off the coast of Georgia, USA, offers excellent fishing opportunities for both recreational anglers and seasoned fishermen. The island's location along the Atlantic Coast and its proximity to various water bodies make it a prime spot for various fishing experiences.

Inshore Fishing
St. Simons Island is surrounded by marshes, creeks, and estuaries, which provide a rich habitat for inshore fishing. Anglers can target species like redfish (red drum), spotted sea trout, flounder, sheepshead, and black drum. Many fishing charters and local guides offer inshore fishing trips to help you navigate the waters and find the best spots.

Offshore Fishing
If you prefer deep-sea fishing, St. Simons Island has access to the Gulf Stream and various artificial reefs, making it an excellent destination for offshore fishing. Here, you can catch species such as grouper, snapper, king mackerel, amberjack, and even billfish during the right seasons.

Pier and Surf Fishing
The island has several fishing piers, like the St. Simons Island Pier and Jekyll Island Pier, where anglers can cast their lines directly into the ocean. Additionally, surf fishing along the beaches can yield catches like pompano, whiting, redfish, and sharks.

Fishing Regulations
Before you head out to fish, ensure you have a valid Georgia fishing license, as the state requires one for both residents and non-residents. Be aware of size and bag limits for different species, as well as any seasonal closures to protect certain fish populations.

Best Times to Fish
Fishing in St. Simons Island is good year-round, but the best times can vary depending on the target species. Generally, spring and fall offer great inshore fishing, while summer is ideal for offshore fishing. However, local conditions and the migratory patterns of certain fish may influence the best times to visit.

Fishing Charters and Guides
If you're not familiar with the area or want a more guided experience, consider booking a fishing charter or hiring a local fishing guide. They can provide equipment, knowledge of the best fishing spots, and helpful tips to maximize your chances of a successful and enjoyable fishing trip.

As with any fishing destination, it's essential to practice responsible fishing and conservation. Follow catch-and-release practices when appropriate, and dispose of trash properly to protect the local ecosystem.

Remember to check with local authorities or fishing experts for the latest fishing conditions and regulations specific to St. Simons Island before you go. Enjoy your fishing adventure on this beautiful coastal island!

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St. Simons Island Fishing Pier

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St. Simons Island Pier

The St. Simons Island Pier serves as the epicenter and focal point of the Pier Village and the island itself. The Pier is busy around the clock with activity, including fishing for trout, redfish, flounder, and not uncommon sharks. Locals are known to cast a line or a crab trab in search of a fresh dinner, and the spectacle always draws a crowd of curious onlookers. Fishing does require a permit, which is available along with bait, tackle and fishing supplies at the nearby St. Simons Bait & Tackle which remains open through the evening.

Seabirds and storks are also common sightings and have no problem coming too close for comfort! The Pier extends out into the Atlantic causeway between St. Simons, Jekyll Island, and the Port of Brunswick. Huge cargo ships pass by almost daily carrying loads of auto imports, exports and who knows what else. Their sheer size and surprising speed is always something that invokes a long stare as it passes by. Visitors to the Pier Village congregate on and around the Pier, as it bustles with folks walking off an evening meal or enjoying a tasty ice cream or frozen treat. The waterfront is home to Neptune Park, the Georgia Casino building (not the gambling kind, but rather a banquet hall and gathering place), and the many shops, restaurants and businesses that populate the Pier Village area. Please note that dogs or any animals are NOT allowed on the Pier at any time.

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